Let the drop-ins begin!

Living in a new city means exploring the new neighborhood and the CrossFit boxes in town. This week I visited CrossFit Gooi in Hilversum met and trained with a whole bunch of great people! Dropped in without a notice and was welcomed by the owners, Irma and Remco. The box is at the outskirts of the city in the middle of the woods and if it weren’t for the big flags in front of the entrance, I’d have a hard time finding it, but thankfully there are ‘No Excuses!”

IMG_3560 IMG_3566

Coach Dennis gave the 18.30 class, which I joined. The workout consisted of a strength/skill part (snatches) followed by a 30 deadlifts & 30 dumbbell snatches & 30 OHS workout for time with a cap of 20’. Funny enough he pointed out that if anyone would finish faster than in 10’ it would mean they didn’t go heavy enough. Well, I thought I’d do my best and RX it and managed to finish in 5:50 – I guess I should’ve gone heavier :D.

I went in wanting to get a good workout and expecting to finish among the last people in the class (as I usually do) but I was surprised to finish first!


Of course not all classes and boxes have the same level of athletes, but I guess I am used to never being the first one to finish a workout at my box surrounded by so many strong women and although I am quite spoiled being used to training at an 800 sm box on a daily basis, CrossFit Gooi was very cozy and had a bit of everything. Truth be told, I do focus more on the community aspect of boxes as it is more important for me to feel ‘at home’. Sure there may be better-equipped or larger boxes, but at the end of the day you can always find a way to get the work done – when there’s a will there’s a way!

Which reminds me of a video I recently bumped on in one of several CrossFit groups I follow on Facebook, that of Homeless CrossFit in Mexico – just by the name of it, I found it very interesting not to mention the location that makes it even more appealing! Finding ways to exercise without using the standard machines and tools can be challenging, but there are some pretty good and fun ideas on this page! Check the video of this guy rowing without a rower. Determination and commitment to the max!

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