That is the question!

So here I am, having taken one more step forward and being one step closer to starting my journey. I left my house in the centre of Utrecht and I am currently hosted by a friend of mine in Hilversum. I realize I am taking baby-steps and not jumping straight into the unknown, but I feel more comfortable like that. First leave my nest, then stay with people I know, then go to a country I know and stay with people I don’t know, and only then – if ready and up for it – go to a country I don’t know and stay with people I don’t know. I guess I’m not what you call a hardcore adventurer, hehe!

Adapting to my new reality is kind of a separate project. Sharing a house, living with other people, training in new boxes with new coaches, getting to know new places, finding new cozy spots, that’s all part of it. So far so good, I have to say. Balance is key, again and I am taking it a day at a time.

I know I will have to learn to let go, and this is going to be hard as I am the emotional kind. Letting go of people, places, things.. what a hard thing to do! Instead, I need to work on creating memories, something I have not been so good at in the past.

I am conscious of the fact that, if I like a place and the people, I may end up staying there longer and not wanting to leave them but I also know I have to stay focused on my next step, my next adventure and the beautiful people and places I am still to meet.

Lately I spend a lot of time gazing at the world map, trying to figure out what are the best routes to take, the most interesting places to visit, and man is it hard! I keep getting distracted and jumping from continent to continent! So this whole morning, I’ve been asking myself where do I want to be on my birthday? Need to have some sort of a timeframe for my travelling! Many factors are to be considered here and the first one is the weather. My birthday is in January, and so far I’ve never spent it in a warm place and since I’m changing my lifestyle why not change my habits too? This time I want to blow my candles on the beach! So the answer is easy ‘go South!’ but then the next question pops up East or West?


Both options are full of amazing places, warm weather and CrossFit boxes. Should I combine Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines or go for Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia? Truth be told, I’ve already been in Asia a couple of times, although nowhere near the type of journey I am considering to go on now. I visited Malaysia and the Maldives, only to stay in nice resorts and enjoy the sun doing all the touristy things, which was also very nice but completely different to what I now have in mind. In a way, Asia feels more ‘familiar’ when, in reality, I have only seen a tiny part of it. Asia has amazing food, but S. America has rhythm and, man, do I love dancing!

Writing this I realize I am more inclined to go West… but will give it some more thought before checking it on my list! I do need to make a decision though soon and continue from there. I sometimes feel like I am driving a very expensive fast car on a highway with no speed limit and find myself on a crossroad not knowing which way to go. So I sit and wait for divine intervention as time goes by. Time lost. Time I can never make up for.

After I decide, I need to find the way to get there as cheap as possible, not necessarily as fast as possible though. It’s a great thing I don’t have to worry about exact dates of departure and arrival (well, just be there on my birthday), or stopovers etc. I’d love to take the slowest option though, if possible. By boat, ideally. I love the sea, the way it relaxes your eyes by never ending and gives you time to adjust, clear up your mind and prepare you for the new and unknown. I think that several days on a boat could be the best way for me to reset my mind. If only it was so easy to make it reality!

The coming days will be decision making and planning days for the long run. Places to visit, boxes to train at and new hosts. Will keep you posted!

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