Dreaming while awake..!

20/10/2015 Tuesday morning, 10:41 – location: Osnabrük, Germany

I left Hilversum this morning. Destination Hamburg. I am very awake, but the dream just started.

12170486_10153370778114051_1040560853_n 12170716_10153370993954051_1347131325_n

All I need is with me. The people I carry in my heart, the music I have on my phone and my laptop to work. Memories have never been my strong point, still last Saturday was a day I will never forget. It was my goodbye gathering at #UnScared, an afternoon I was not really looking forward to only because I know I get very emotional and goodbyes are not fun. Thankfully, spirits were high and everyone brightened up the evening with their kindness and smiles. Some of my friends I’d actually never seen in regular clothes so that was a first too! We have some pretty stunning ladies and gents in our box for sure and although we usually see each other in sports clothes (or just some of it), it was nice for a change to dress up a bit and wear a nice pair of earrings or a different kind of shoes.

We chatted, had some wine listening to music and had easy going conversations. No crying, thankfully! Well, at least not until Sunday when I got back to my friend’s house and read what each one of them had written in my scrap book and replayed the evening in my mind… I’m so glad I had this last minute idea to get a simple notepad and ask people to write a couple of words there for me. Now I can carry that with me on my travels!

At some point the music stopped and I was asked to join my coach Willem. All my friends made a circle around us and, of course, expected the speech. We all know he is a sucker for giving speeches, he never misses the opportunity to address his crowd, hehe, and he is very good at it too! But I was not prepared to give one myself, not used to have all the attention on me, not to mention that the moment I would open my mouth I knew I would start crying. I seem to be much better in writing, so here I am 🙂

To be honest, I was expecting to get a nice card filled with warm wishes from my buddies and, yes, the muscle roller thingy was not a surprise either, such a handy gift!

12108070_10153367469044051_7070675954056644888_n 12109974_10153367469054051_899141421396002326_o

What I would never expect was to get “A voucher to come back home” i.e. an ticket with open date and final destination the Netherlands, paid for by all members of the box to make sure I can come back to them no matter where I am in the world. My God, emotions suddenly got overwhelming and I ended up with a knot in my throat feeling unable to even properly thank everyone. I was literally speechless and it would not be the first time in the same day! This gesture, the fact that they know me so well and want to make sure I know the door is open to come back at any time was the ultimate gift.


I will never tire of saying how grateful I feel for all the love and support I keep getting from my UnScared family. We started up as a bunch of strangers and became close friends in no time, the invisible bond of CrossFit connecting us in a way I think none of us expected. The other day at the box a friend of mine confided that she keeps her weekends reserved for training and for her ‘me-time’, a fact that her non-CrossFit friends are having a hard understanding as most people have free time in the weekend and use it to see their family and friends. I am very lucky in that sense since almost all the people I want in my life are at the box with only a few exceptions – and I am even luckier because those exceptions are people that put up with my CF addiction always with a smile on their face.

In a while I will be in Hamburg. Jackie and Malte of CrossFit MyBuddy and the H4CF FB page have already scheduled their day so that they pick me up from the train station. Mattias of CrossFit Goch has also made arrangements for me to be hosted by members of the community for a long weekend in Goch to hit some wods together and meet their community. Rooms, couches and beds and sofas have been already prepared for me, dogs and cats are waiting to be cuddled and I am in the middle of all this love, indulging in it and breathing it in.

To say I feel blessed is an understatement.


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