Germany, Egypt and Australia added to my list!

It is so amazing to have already received invites from box owners and fellow athletes to visit them, train with them and even stay with them for a while! Seems like my travelling may start just a bit earlier as it would be a shame not to visit Crossfit Goch and CrossFit MyBuddy in Germany. Why miss this opportunity before heading further south? CrossFit Goch will be having a CrossFit Total day (and BBQ!) sometime soon, so why not get a new PR with the peeps?

I am so looking forward to taking part in charity wods, challenges, team workouts and BBQs and meet more crossfitters. This is the best way to get to know each other and come closer with the Community!

New to my list for Europe is the UK with an invite from 3 Aces CrossFit in South London. But it seems I will be headed further away too! Fight Unit CrossFit in Egypt and CrossFit Wired in Australia are destinations definitely not to be missed! Need I mention I miss the sun and the sea?

The Facebook group ‘A Home for Crossfitters’ will definitely be hearing from me! What a great initiative of CrossFit MyBuddy! And to see the reactions of the Community and the help people so openhandedly offer to fellow athletes that are travelling is, simply, priceless.

As my list gets longer, I realize the potential in this – this project could get really big. Big is good, but big can also be scary too! I need to be smart in planning my trips as my budget is limited and I don’t want to miss out on any one of the boxes that have invited me. I am so lucky to be able to take my work along with me and have this lifestyle. If I can work from anywhere, I can travel anywhere, anytime!

I am amazed at the reactions and warmth I get from the Community and it fills me with joy to get all this support and inspiration from people I don’t even know yet and all the love I feel from my family at UnScared CrossFit! I have taken such a big step out of my comfort zone and every day I grow stronger and become more optimistic about this project which keeps me moving forward. Clearly a proper calendar is on my to-do list. Let’s see how many countries I can check on my map! Exciting times ahead!

I don’t need much to be happy. Train hard, laugh loud and eat good food!

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