Travel & CrossFit or CrossFit & Travel?

To be quite honest, it all happened so quickly and I am often overwhelmed by how things escalated only because I took one step towards making this come true. Cause, in the end, that is all it takes, right? To find the courage to make the first step.

My initial dream was to travel the world, but then my love for CrossFit was already here too. I was too scared to travel alone and CrossFit has become too big a part of my life to leave behind. I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me earlier to combine these two. It seems that CrossFit did it again, and saved the day! Made me feel safe and strong, made me feel part of a Community.

I only recently started feeling the freedom of there being no limits to my life and it was only after becoming a member at UnScared CrossFit that for the first time I felt I belong. And let me tell you, for someone who has spent all their lives trying to check the little boxes in their minds, have everything in order and planned for the future, it can be frustrating when all of the sudden they realize they are free to go anywhere, do anything, without requiring anybody’s approval and embark on a journey without an actual plan. What if you were free to travel anywhere in the world? Would it be easy for you to choose where to start from?

Why not go to Mexico or Bali or Zanzibar? It’s not that money is not an issue. On the contrary. But when you are not limited by time and you can continue working during your travels, you can find cheap tickets and don’t mind going the longer way… The only limits we actually have to face are the limits we set ourselves, and this is a hard truth to deal with.

And there is CrossFit. My happy place, my happy hour of the day. My therapy and my family. I can’t leave that behind and I am not disciplined enough (yet) to be consistently training on my own. So, I guess it can be Mexico, Bali or Zanzibar as long as it is possible to get my workout and be with people with whom I share the same passion, people who understand me and make me feel I’m at home.

I am not a loner, quite the opposite. Being around people makes me feel alive, but it can still feel lonely at times. This project is not only about doing CrossFit and visiting boxes. This project is also about me traveling alone, getting out of my comfort zone, finding the strength to overcome my fears, believing in myself and finding true inner peace and happiness. This is the hardest part. The mental over the physical. It is not easy to write about my fears or admit to my low self-esteem, but I consider this to be a diary more than anything, so I will try to start opening up more. Small bits here and there, cause not all days are the same.

This blog is a way for me to register my feelings, experiences and my reality at any given time. I have come to realize that I will be alone for quite a while and I suck at being alone. This is why I am doing this. It’s work in progress and I am working on my weaknesses, so bear with me. I promise not to give up.

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