Fundraisers and fun-raisers!

Shortly after I started doing CrossFit, I decided to participate in my first ever fundraiser. It was a 1000 Burpee Challenge organized by Duncan’s Training Center (DTC). I was so into it, that I went all alone, without having ever been there before or knowing anyone from that box. I contacted them to tell them I wanted to take part in the challenge, but had no team. Mark (the owner of the box) was very welcoming and immediately teamed me up with a couple of girls from DTC. What a nice day it was! Everyone had come with their family and friends, cheering on and supporting those that participated. I felt so welcomed and had a great day! So, it went without saying that almost 2,5 years later, when I was invited by one of the girls I was teamed up with then to participate in a new fundraiser, I immediately accepted. So, yesterday I attended the Spieren voor Spieren fundraiser at DTC, doing a WoD that kicked my butt!

I would really like to combine my travels and box-hopping with events similar to this one! Fundraisers, challenges and local competitions are the best way to link with the community and are always fun. I am hoping it will not be too hard to find what’s happening within the community in other countries and am kind of hoping to get help from the boxes as I go.

Thanks to everyone at DTC for having me! Till next time!


duncan1 duncan2 duncan3 duncan4 duncan5 duncan6 duncans2 duncans5 duncans6 duncans7

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