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Today writing a post on my blog takes the place of a friend sitting before me in this cute “Arnold Coffee” I found in the centre of the town. Sorry, but you don’t get to do any talking today, friend.

So, last Sunday I was skyping with my bestie as always, each one doing our own thing. We both work from home, so we are also kind of remote colleagues. It works out pretty fine like this. We currently have one hour difference as she is based in Greece, which makes it easy to be in contact all the time. We wake up in the morning and Skype is on around 8.30 with the first cup of coffee and breakfast being prepared while we comment on the night we had (whether my goddaughter slept the night away or was restless) and checking our schedules for the day. Before starting on my journey, we’d be online for 9-12 hours per day. Now my schedule has changed a bit, but it seems we are finding balance without trying too much. So, while in Italy, my daily routine is somewhat like this: wake up, have breakfast, chat with bestie, leave around 11 go to the box, train, have lunch, rest (sometimes take a nap at the box), work, have coffee at Alessandro’s, and around 5 train some more and get home around 8pm. When I come back, Skype is on again. That’s just how we roll. Then it’s dinner time, she keeps me company and we chat more about our day. If I had to pick one of the top things on my list to be grateful for in my life so far would be to have Angie in my life. Those who know me, know I am not exaggerating one bit.

So, Sunday I took a day off from training (sort of mandatory as the box was closed J ) and went for a run instead. A humble 5k, but I really enjoyed breaking my last record of 26+ minutes over a year ago to 25:10. I had a nice late lunch, chatted with Angie and decided to consult the CrossFit Affiliate map again (my guide to planning my next trip) to try and find me my next destination. I tend to have a preference for boxes close to the sea when looking for my next destination, so I was scrolling down the Americas, finding boxes and then looking them up online also googling the name of the location to see some pics of the place. I found a couple of interesting boxes in Natal, Brazil and the pics I saw online of the beaches and the place were mind-blowing. Yes, I could definitely spend some time there. Average temperature all year round: 27 C degrees. Not too bad!

Next step. Ok, let’s check prices for tickets. I read somewhere about Skypicker a website that can find the cheapest flight combinations with as broad a selection as “Fly from: Milan (in my case)” to “Anywhere”, “Whenever” J I enjoyed playing with all the possible options. Now, however, I could narrow down my selection to Natal and see what were my cheapest options to leave sometime in January. Simple as that and… one, two, three I’d found me a ticket for the 21st of January. I consulted with Angie a bit. When I say ‘consulted’, it was more of “how do you like this place?”, “do you think this price is good?”, hm.. ok, let’s book. So I booked it.

It only occurred to me after I’d completed the reservation that I don’t have the slightest idea where I am going. First time in my life so far from everyone I know and being all alone. I’ve felt the stress of going to an unknown place before leaving for Germany and Italy, but that was just a couple of hours away from a safety point. From friends and family. Now I am taking a 12hour flight to a country whose language I don’t speak and only bough a one-way ticket. Well done, Ioanna. Well done!

First thing to do was to contact the local boxes CrossFit Capim Macio, Crossfit 1050 and CrossFit Suntown. There seem to be a couple more but I could find no website or FB page or any other contact details. I am hoping someone will get back to me soon. It’s always comforting to know there’s someone waiting for you and there is a community to turn to in case I need anything. So far the CrossFit Community has supported me in so many ways! I guess when I will have a local contact it will all feel much better, cause at the moment I am not yet excited about my trip to Natal.

Some friends say it’s a dream destination, that they envy me and wish they could live my kind of life. Truth of the matter is that I am not on constant vacation. I take my work with me, get stressed that I may not have enough work to keep me going financially, afraid of being alone in a place I don’t know, pushing myself to become more independent, to love myself more and to life my life to the fullest, whatever that means. My goals are very simple: become physically and mentally stronger, and keep going (preferably staying close to the sea and under the sun). That’s the best answer I could give to someone asking me what I am looking for in my life at the moment.

This said, I’m trying to stay focused on today and keep reminding myself not to live in the past and not to stress too much for the future. Every ‘Today’ can be a good day.

All in all, my reality at the moment is I have a ticket to Natal for the 21st of January and have no idea where I am going. I know I don’t have to get on that plane. There’s still over one month ahead of me to decide and who knows what tomorrow will bring.

So, my friend, thanks for listening. It was nice to enjoy a cup of ‘Arnold’ coffee with you. Off I go. Here’s some inspiration for both of us 🙂

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