Beautiful people, extraordinary athletes!

I admit it! Sometimes my Saturday night treat is to prepare a nice meal and watch videos of the CrossFit Games on YouTube. One thing leads to the other and it ends up being a whole evening of snatches, thrusters, sleds and sandbags! It’s a love affair. It is such an inspiration to see those athletes giving all they’ve got! Makes me want to just get up and go to the box to work on my weaknesses.

What pushes me even more is to watch people of all ages getting their first pull-up or muscle-up. People that have no excuses and find strength in overcoming their weaknesses. Their smiles, their friends cheering, the tears of joy… what a community we have! Full of great people, the kind of people that never give up and keep pushing no matter what. I follow many of them on Instagram for my daily dose of motivation. The posts of athletes such as Kevin Ogar (@kevinogar) and Krystal Cantu (@krystalcantu) make me want to become a stronger, better version of myself.

This is exactly what the UnScared CrossFit moto is all about too:

As a community of movers, we train to honor the bodies we’ve been given and to maximize our human potential. We respect limitations, but fear none. We defy failure and ego. We are UnScared.

I will never tire of saying how grateful I am for being a member of this family.

Among all the great workshops and events we get to take part in, it is also amazing to be able to meet in person exceptional athletes such as Carmen Bosmans (@carmenbosmans) of CrossFit Antwerpen and David Shorunke (@shorunke) of CrossFit Cheltenham. It’s that moment when you just sit, watch and say “when I grow up, I want to be like them!” Beautiful people, open to take some time off their busy schedule and chat with you over their passion, your passion!

I am not the person to walk up to someone and start talking – not to mention as to take a picture with them, but I conquered my shyness and I am so happy to have done this! Hope to see them again during one of my journeys!


Travelling and visiting boxes all around the world will be lifetime experience.

I’m so looking forward to meeting more beautiful people, extraordinary athletes and making new friends!

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