Planning & Preparation Frenzy!

Frenzy: a state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behaviour.

That’s my mood for the months to come. Welcome to my world!

Planning to leave the country indefinitely with a backpack and a pair of Reebok Nanos (ok, maybe more than one pair of Nanos) is not an easy task, especially when you have never attempted it in the past! Thinking about it now, shouldn’t I take all 4 pairs with me?? Anyway, discussion for another time.

Back to reality. There are so many things to do, it can be overwhelming. At some point, I ended up sitting on my sofa not knowing where to start from, so I did nothing and sat there waited for some divine intervention! Thankfully, help came from much closer. A good friend of mine who’s been very inspiring and motivating offered to help, shared his knowledge and experience and held my hand in my first baby-steps on this journey.

Ladies and Gents, I give you my new backpack and daypack, freshly bought this weekend!


Reading articles about the best backpacks and daypacks in the market can be very helpful, when you already have some experience and actually know what you are looking for, more or less. If you are a starter like me, you probably have no idea of the things that might come your way. Yes it is embarrassing, but I had no clue as to what all the straps are for, and there’s so many of them! Experience is priceless, I tell you this! Having thoroughly discussed my plans with my friend, I ended up choosing my Fjällräven, Kajka 55. It was expensive, for sure, but I am counting on it to get me through many years of traveling! The first thing I noticed about it that made it stand out of the competition was its fabric. Make’s you really want to put it to the test and come out a winner! Soft, yet thick and strong material. Easy access from the front and top. Smart compartments and extremely easy to adjust, even for me. I will have a couple of months to “get acquainted” with her (yes, her) but will definitely be talking more about my backpack as I go along.

My daypack was an equally hard decision. Keeping some important details in mind and my personal needs, I ended up opting for Bach 25. This will also be my gym bag, so it has to fit all I need to carry around, in the same time not being too bulky. Many straps here too, so its size can easily be adjusted. The thing I like the most about this one too is the option to open it from the front and the top. On top of that, I can keep my sweaty and dirty stuff in a separate compartment, keeping the rest of my stuff nicely clean and smell-free! I tend to focus more on the use I will be making of it, but I’m sure it will also be great for daytrips. Again, will revert as it will be used more than my Kajka.

The first step has been made! The dream is one step closer, I’m so excited!

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