Ate mais, Jeri ❤️

Last day in Jeri and I’m writing this from my go-to pampering pace, The Hurricane Hotel, in front of the infinity pool, with a cup of (hot) coffee. I still can’t believe Brazilians don’t drink cold coffee… a friend compared cold coffee to warm beer…
Every time I leave this place, I’m either half-drunk or crying.. tomorrow will be the first time I will have no friend walking me to the bus, and, as stupid as it may sound, this makes it even harder.

I cannot fathom the idea that this time tomorrow I will be on a plane, traveling from 35 to 0 degrees, from summer mode to Christmas mode..

Christmas? I mean, really? This definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas..

This is not easy… leaving Jeri, again. I’m hoping for divine intervention, for something to happen and make me stay… alternatively, I’m already thinking when is the soonest I can come back. But it’s two different things, what the mind orders and what the heart desires.

Last day in the sun, last coconut water, last açaí, last pão de queijo, last forró… 

Traveling started feeling scary. No place feels like home, yet I leave a piece of me everywhere I go. Maybe it’s time to settle down, but where.. why.. I really don’t have the answers.
So, I am following my mind and leaving Jeri tomorrow. But. I’m leaving my heart here.


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