Random thoughts…

I realized there are nice things that have happened or places I’ve been to and didn’t write about or, thoughts that crossed my mind and might be forgotten. Cause I am good at forgetting the nice things.

So this may not make any sense to you, but it does to me and afterall it is why I started this whole blog.

The other day at CrossFit Capim Macio, there was a pro photographer taking some pics for the box’s Instagram and FB accounts and he captured me during a rope climb (note to self: still haven’t gotten that picture!!). Came up to me to ask if it’s ok to publish (are you serious? haha) so we started chatting for a little while. The usual, where are you from, how long do you plan on staying in Brazil etc. I was so impressed by the fact that once I told him I am Greek his first comment was “Wow, you have some very good rock/metal bands in Greece. Do you know ‘xx’ and ‘xx’ or maybe ‘xx’?”. Jaw drop. It was the first time I heard the names of those bands, but felt really proud someone knew Greece for something different for a change. Not the crisis, not mythology or ancient Greeks. Someone actually knows something good about our new generation. How sweet and promising!

I am very influenced by music. I usually have a song of the month (or more if it is that good) playing on repeat until another song steals the top place on my playlist. Songs mark places, songs make me want to visit places, songs remind me of people, songs stay with me no matter how long has passed since the first time I got goose bumps because of a song.

So, in the months from September 2015 to this day, here are some song connections… never to be forgotten

Elastic Heart (Sia): I’m considering taking off. Leaving it all behind. Still too scared… watching the video on youtube.. listening to it on my way to the box. So many thoughts, so many fears.

It takes a lot to know a man (Damien Rice): There is hope. Maybe I can do this.

Drunk in Love (Beyonce): On repeat in the train all the way to Hamburg… and back… and so often ever since. Singing it with Jackie at CrossFit MyBuddy – man, she knew all the lyrics!!!

One, Two step (Ciara):    Didn’t know this one until my farewell party at Unscared.. Lindsey and Inge were dancing to it and I realized it was the first time I heard the song. But loved it! They always come to mind when I hear it!

Il solito Italiano (Boomdabash): Oh, CrossFit Darsena! Milano, trying to figure out the lyrics, listening in the train, at home, at the box… this tune was all over the place J

7/11 (Beyonce): Also on repeat a lot on my way to the box in Milano. Used it to pump me up a bit when I was under the weather

Take your time (Sam Hunt): Driving around Milano, in my little Fiat500. Late nights in my cozy flat at Via Stephenson with a glass of wine.. or a bottle..

Fix you (Coldplay): Long walks in Milan, around Christmas, sad days. I am chatting with Dean telling him I feel like crap and I am alone walking in the city listening to my song of the month… he said “I hope it is not ‘Fix you’ by Coldplay”. I didn’t know the song, so went without saying I searched for it on the spot. Made me laugh, yes, now I knew why he didn’t want me to be listening to that one! Instead he gave me two excellent alternatives ‘Love is Overrated’ by Shwayze and “Young, Wild and free” by Snoop Dog. Completely changed my evening, I kept walking but this time I was smiling or even laughing on my own in Milan. Bad moments can be overturned. Sometimes all it takes is a moment with the right person.

Faded (Alan Walker): Repeat, repeat and repeat some more… for months and months. Milano… Natal…

Stitches (Shawn Mendes): Packing. Getting ready to leave Milan. My first weeks in Natal, in my small studio. My cheer me up song of the season!

Don’t you worry child (feat. Shweta Subram) The Piano Guys: Exchanging music with my neighbor in Natal. One night we spent it watching youtube videos of songs we like. He asked me to play some Greek music for him. It was so surreal: My second day in Brazil and I am sitting with a guy in his living room listening to Greek Bouzouki, Panos Kiamos etc (for those who know) and trying to explain the lyrics, the mentality behind Greek night life, and him playing some belly dance theater for me saying he thought that was Greek… Fun times. Using Google translate for each and every sentence. Taking 5’ to ask and find out if he has any brothers or sisters…

Stereo Love (Edward Maya): oldie but very loved song… CrossFit Capim Macio was playing really nice music for the workouts! Gabriela told me they had asked all their members to give them the titles of two songs they like to train to and so they made a playlist where there is something for every taste! This was one of their songs J

Girl you Know its True (Milli Vanilli): Really, that playlist in CFCM brought a lot of old songs to life!! As is the case with Brazil in general. Really, the other day sitting on my balcony here in Jeri, a buggy passed by with the music playing to the max… the song? Lady in red. Come on, guys, really!?

Bird set free’ and ‘Unstoppable’ by Sia where maybe the two best suggestions Spotify has had for me so far. I loved them both and have been playing on repeat my first month in Brazil.

Nobody’s Perfect (Jessie J) Long afternoons in my studio in in Natal. I was told I should not be out after 5.30 so what better to do than to listen to music and memorizing the lyrics? Also found an acoustic version of the same song which is simply perfect.. This one

Drinkee (Sofi Tucker): Long chats with Marco, still in Natal. Exchanging music suggestions. He said this was the song playing all the time at the box. I needed those chats more than he will probably know J what a great guy.

Ginza (J Balvin): Here I am at LaTapera.. first night at the hostel. The girls from Chile play cards and the guy plays music for them. Let’s sit with them, I thought. Was the greatest company I could’ve had during my first days in Jeri! Ginza will forever be their song in my mind!!! Now I need to learn Spanish too!!

Morena Tropicana (Alceu Valenca): I am in the Brazilian vibes. First time I heard this was in Natal during Carnival with Ricardo and the rest of the CFCM gang at their pool party and in every party they took me! In Jeri I actually started singing to the tune and understand the lyrics. I am almost there to sing it a capela!

Wonderful Life (Katie Melua): I’m in Lagoa Paraiso, found me my little observatory and enjoying the sun on my skin, the music in my ears and life is… wonderful! Here’s what it looked like… and kept playing on repeat on all my wanderings like this one.

I take short videos of the places I like the most. A little reminder of what it was like. I don’t usually share those, but they are available in my Youtube Channel.. Feel free 😉

Nosso Xote (Bicho de Pe): This was suggested to me by a girl at LaTapera one afternoon. Indish, from Israel was also a solo traveler. She hated admitting she is Israeli and could easily go for Brazilian as she spoke excellent Portuguese but also looked ‘morena’.

Find my way’, ‘Ocean Drive’ and ‘Latch’ are all songs suggested by or discovered with Marco. I decided to go back to Natal pick up my stuff and return to Jeri to stay here for a couple of months. The ride from Jeri to Natal took me around 20 hours in total… the songs were playing on repeat, again. I was so happy leaving Jeri only because I knew I would be coming back so soon. That feeling I got, that contentment, the excitement. Priceless. Unstoppable..

Glory Box (Portishead) yet another song suggested by Marco – we really do have similar taste in music! I spent 4 days in Pipa just before heading back to Jeri from Natal. It’s the 16.1 weekend and I am on a hammock sipping caipirinhas and listening to my music. This tune fit the scenery pretty well.. Zen moments. Alcohol in my blood, nothing in my mind. Perfect combination!

Like I’m gonna lose you (Meghan Trainor): First days in Jeri. In Jeri for good. I keep singing, dancing on my own while brushing my teeth, while taking showers, while doing my laundry… What a hyper first week. Searching for some new tunes on Spotify, this one (albeit not new) touched my heart. Maybe, just maybe I can sing it to someone soon. This is the way I love. All out. Like I’m gonna lose you. But maybe this time around I should be more careful. Note to self: Don’t let excitement get over. You will be hurt. Again. God, I’m hopelessly romantic… pleases fix me!

But its Jeri. I need reggae here! I am skyping with Angeliki and looking for songs on Spotify when I found a little treasure, a playlist full of goodies, so I copied the ones that brought a smile to my face and made my own Jeri Reggae Playlist. That’s on Spotify, message me if you’d like to hear it cause I have no idea how to share the link. This playlist has been paying for days non-stop. Long evenings with Cynthia, an American girl I met in Pipa who also visited Jeri for a few days, on my balcony, drinking caipis, a lot of them. She was probably sick of listening to it, but was kind enough not to show it. Cynthia. One more proof that there are more women like me out there. A proof of what is possible.

Beach in Hawaii (Ziggy Marley): this stands out from the reggae playlist. This made me think of going to Hawaii. So many signs there. But my friend Konstantinos has a point. He said we only see what we want to see. True. As I told him, one year back when all I wanted was to get married and have babies, all I would see was pregnant women all around me and people getting married. Now I feel Hawaii is calling… Our mind works miracles…

Clandestino (Manu Chao): Cynthia pointed out he’s good. I’d heard of him but never actually paid attention. Till I heard Clandestino. This reminds me of Ios. I think I’d heard that song back then in 2007, with my friend Alexandra. What a summer vacation that was…

Last but definitely not least ‘A Falta’ by Falamansa. This is my favorite of the past two weeks. I simply love the melody, the way he sings, though still trying to understand and memorize the lyrics. BUT, I can definitely dance it. Hell yeah! Forro is not an issue anymore, and, guess what. It’s forro night tonight! I’m so looking forward to it!


I made a playlist of the above here – just cause it was easy to do while looking for all the links 🙂

God have I improved in sharing links! Hahaha

Good post. Full of memories.


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