Bacino in Milano, tesoro?

Just a quick note, so that you know what I am “going through” here, in Milan. My first 48 hours.

Got to Milan central station and had no internet (and no credit on my phone – long story.. need to get more organized in the telecom sector). Had to let Sasha, my host in Milan, know I arrived safely and arrange when and where to meet with her, but needed a wi-fi hotspot first. Got in the first cafeteria I found, got me a cappuccino and asked for the wi-fi code.

Guy behind the bar: Sure. A kiss.

Me (looking strangely at him, trying to understand what he meant. Was it something in Italian? The wi-fi code or maybe I didn’t hear well..): Excuse me?

Guy: You want the wi-fi code, I want a kiss! Here! (wide smile on his face and pointing at his cheek)

I gave him a sweet smile (one of the “you must be kidding me, right?” smiles). I got the code and a disappointed look on his face.

Wi-fi problem solved, now I had to find Sasha! Turned out Sasha had already been waiting for me at the bus station for a while. I run to find her and… at last, I was in with friends again!

First stop, de box! I wonder if they do the same with everyone that enters the box… Get in, start hugging and kissing, hehe. I was so within my comfort zone! People came up to me, introducing themselves, open arms and big smiles. What more could I ask for? Oh, yes. Hugs and kisses. More of that stuff 🙂

Oh, wait, Sasha says it’s pasta time! Who’d say no to that? That’s what you get next


I was fueled up and ready for it! I was so looking forward to having a workout after so many days of passive recovery (well, being lazy, to put it simply) and it was an amazing one. Kettlebells! Yay! The 5 o’clock class was all about sweat, high fives, smiles and friendly faces making it so much fun! Post-wod pic was also a pleasant surprise. Manuel and Marco came up to me, picked me up and posed. No questions asked! hehe – see the surprise on my face in the first pic and the diva pose on the second pic… 🙂

And then it was time to go home. More pleasant surprises and pampering there! More kisses and hugs from Sasha’s and Gianluca’s sons (Tomas 8 & Jordan 5) and a couple of sessions playing UNO. Jordan knew all colors and numbers in English, and was teaching me the words in Italian. With such good company, I will be speaking Italian subito!

I got a whole floor for myself, so much more than I would ever imagine. Sasha and Gianluca tell me all the time that I am the guest and I should sit and enjoy. I am being spoiled, big time 🙂

Home-made lasagna for dinner and Italian wine, friendly conversations on the sofa and getting to know each other. That was what my first day in Milan looked like. All in all, great company, good workout, delicious food, and kisses. Plenty of them!

Next morning Gianluca made a power breakfast shake with almond butter, oats, almond milk, banana, strawberry protein and Greek yoghurt… I could be having this for breakfast lunch and dinner for a week and not get bored of eating the same thing. It was that good! And off we rode the scooter to da Box!

I would be spending the whole day at the box with Gianluca and Palmiro (the two owners of CrossFit Darsena). Our day started with a coffee. Of course. What else? We walked to the café near the box where I was told Alessandro makes the best coffee in the neighborhood. That was indeed heaven in my mouth. Needless to say, Alessandro got a kiss.


The morning was all about mobility and getting acquainted with the place and the people. The atmosphere at the box is very laid back, everyone seems to know each other and they even come over just to see their friends and have a coffee. My kind of place 🙂

But being in Milan and trying to put in words all the feelings and emotions is just unfair. I would need to start moving my arms and singing the words out of my mouth to give you a good glimpse of my reality.

CrossFit Darsena was opened 1,5 year ago and it already has around 700 registered members out of which 250 are actively training 4-5-6 times per week in over 400 sm of space. And to be able to keep all those people happy and to keep coming back for more, means that the owners/coaches are doing something very well. They not only set the rules, but also created the atmosphere at the box. They lead the way and give an example of what CrossFit is all about. Watching the way things at the box roll and how people interact and are so friendly brings only one question to my mind…

Who’s renting a studio in the neighborhood? I might be staying here for a while!


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